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Colonnade derives its name from the Jeffersonian-inspired columned walkway, exclusively used by the President and a trusted inner circle of West Wing staff, connecting the West Wing to the White House. Much like this historic pathway, we've chosen 'Colonnade' as our namesake to reflect our dedication, trust, and confidentiality to bridging the gap between policy, politics, and your personal and organizational goals and objectives.


Colonnade is a global consultancy firm specializing in providing policy expertise to corporations and non-profits, as well as, skillfully elevating their operations and navigating the esteemed halls of Washington. Colonnade also assists high-net-worth individuals with expert guidance on non-profit philanthropy and strategic political contributions. Discover the power of influence, creativity, and strategy with Colonnade. 


Steven Smith Headshot.jpeg


Managing Partner

Steven Smith, originally from Dayton, Ohio, is the managing partner at Colonnade Consulting. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), where he helped found and oversaw its rapid growth from a pitch deck to 175 employees, organized a coalition of over 90 conservative organizations that effectively opposed the proposed five trillion dollar "Build Back Better Bill," played a role in carrying out one of America's largest class action lawsuits against big tech companies on censorship, and invented a new method to safeguard our elections through data analytics, which has since become law in Ohio known as the DATA Act.


In the Trump Administration, he served as Special Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff for the White House Office of American Innovation and the Domestic Policy Council, contributing to the passage of the historic First Step Act and played a vital role in forming the White House's coronavirus rapid response operations team during the global pandemic. Prior to his government service, Smith spent twelve years in campaign management, working on political races at various levels, including for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and at the Republican National Committee. Steven serves on the boards of HOPE for Prisoners, aiming to scale its six percent recidivism rate nationwide, and Experiential Robotics, seeking to bring robotics to classrooms globally. He is also dedicated to supporting the people of Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan, striving for self-sustainability in food and water and restoring the region's biodiversity.

Steven is deeply passionate about supporting groundbreaking companies, organizations, and transformative ideas poised to make a global impact. He has carved out a niche for himself by leveraging his extensive network and adept navigation skills within government corridors, effectively catalyzing innovation and turning visionary concepts into tangible realities. 

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