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Government Affairs & Public Policy

At Colonnade, we specialize in public policy consulting, harnessing a wealth of influential experiences and an extensive network within our organization. Our collective expertise extends to crafting the right framing and messaging, strategically building and leveraging coalitions, and then navigating budgetary and legislative processes at various levels of government. We have a proven track record of successfully shepherding legislation through Congress and securing presidential signatures to writing and crafting Executive Orders, as well as, effectively advocating for and passing legislation in states across the nation. Our deep understanding of government and policy, combined with our commitment to innovation and fresh perspectives, shapes our approach to public policy consulting. We offer clients insightful strategies and impactful solutions, providing them with the tools they need to achieve their legislative and policy goals. With Colonnade Consulting, you can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of government and policy-making, leveraging our organization's collective knowledge, network, and experience to drive meaningful change.

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Strategy & Operations

At Colonnade, we firmly believe that 80% of organizational challenges arise from structural issues, while 15% can be attributed to leadership. Our strength lies in adeptly identifying your structural and leadership challenges from an impartial perspective and offering constructive solutions to set your organization on the right path to success.


We offer comprehensive support shepherding strategic ideas from conception to execution. Whether you need inspiration for a new strategic vision for your organization in the year ahead, assistance crafting compelling pitch decks, establishing optimal organizational structures for effective implementation, or securing essential funding, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our proven track record speaks volumes — we've successfully raised millions of dollars for diverse initiatives, created agile government-wide structures during the COVID-19 emergency, and played pivotal roles in establishing thriving non-profit organizations and energizing state parties. Furthermore, our expertise extends to orchestrating entire policy campaigns that have reached ten of millions of Americans.

Choosing Colonnade as your partner means more than just achieving your goals; we're here to elevate your plans by orders of magnitude and guide you toward unparalleled success.

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Philanthropy Advisory

At Colonnade, we provide expert guidance to high-net-worth individuals who seek to make impactful philanthropic or political contributions. Our team of consultants will dive in to conduct extensive due diligence to help you navigate through the complex world of philanthropy and political campaigning to ensure that your donation makes the biggest difference possible.

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Corporate & Policy Campaign Advisory

At Colonnade Consulting, we thrive in delivering comprehensive support for your corporate or policy campaigns. Our services include operational assistance, strategic framing and messaging of issues, fundraising strategies, as well as enhancements in both external and internal communication. These encompass establishing the foundational framework for your campaign, facilitating connections with relevant resources, tools, and individuals, as well as, shaping your campaign message, crafting the campaigns policy agenda, adjusting how to frame the issues, murder boarding your surrogates on the issues to get them ready for media, and ensuring the overall organization and effectiveness of your campaign.

Moreover, we can facilitate collaborations with the leading pollsters who specialize in policy and politics, trusted and sought after by top world leaders. This ensures that your organization and campaign are shaped by the most precise and strategic polling data available. Additionally, we can provide access to elite filmmakers, videographers, video editors, and photographers, all of whom bring experience from the White House and Presidential campaigns. Colonnade will ensure you are connected to the right people to assist in polling for effective messaging, framing your message to engage with your audience, and producing award-winning content to amplify your message. With a team boasting extensive experience in managing campaigns across all government levels, from local to national, we possess the expertise to guide you on your journey to victory!

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